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Get Your PERKESO EIS Benefits: Digital Marketing Course up to RM4,000 For Retrenched Employee

The COVID-19 global pandemic has changed Malaysia’s job market. In the current workplace, digital marketing skills are highly paid. In the future, digital skills will be vital many of us for many years to come. The digital age is expanding into all areas of our lives, and it is not just those who work in IT that will need to be alert of this change. 

So- picking up social media marketing, digital advertising, website building skills can make you instantly employable.

For retrenched employees in Malaysia, DMC offers Digital Marketing Certification Course runs as Physical Class +
100% Hands-On Skill Training under PERKESO EIS scheme.

DMC is Appointed as Official Perkeso EIS Training Provider

DMC is a registered PERKESO’s training provider to offer training programmes under Employee Insurance Scheme (EIS).

Employee Insurance Scheme (EIS), which is administered by the Social Security Organisation (SOCSO), seeks to provide temporary financial assistance for up to six months to workers who are retrenched or have had some form of loss of income.

Other benefits that the EIS features: Training Fee (paid-for vocational training of up to six months) & Training Allowance (incentives for you to attend and finish your training).

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PERKESO EIS Online Training Course Helps Increase Your Employability

Our training solutions are developed by digital marketing industry experts to help individual improve personal competence and skills – core enablers of sustainable business development and competitive advantage.

Our EIS courses (PERKESO Training) are delivered in both face-to-face classroom environments, ensuring training objectives are achieved no matter what skill level you are. 

For retrenched workers who are looking to reskilling and upskilling themselves, and employers who wish to upskill the new hires in the field of digital marketing. Please feel free to contact us to understand more.


Lesson 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing

● Setting Your Goals (Online Video)
● Understanding Your Customer’s Persona (practical)
● How to Write Great Content For Your Target Persona

Lesson 3: How To Get Found On The Internet
  • Basic of Google SEO
  • How To Be Searchable on Social Media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram)
  • How To Be Searchable on Online Marketplaces
  • How to Identify Keywords that Has Searches (practical)
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Google Trends
Lesson 5: YouTube SEO and Live Streaming
  • Understanding Video Marketing
  • Setting Up YouTube Channel
  • Ranking Your First Video on YouTube
  • Setting Up Facebook Live & Tools
  • Planning For Going Live To Promote Your Product/Service
  • Optimizing Video Marketing Strategies
Lesson 7a: Setting up Google Search Campaign
  • Configure Language Targeting
  • Configure Location Targeting
  • Research Keywords Online
  • Configure Ad Groups and Keywords
  • Review Google Ad Policies
  • Write High-Quality AdWords Ads
  • Create Ads with Extensions That Provide Information & Drive Action
  • Responsive Text Ads
Online Video Series - Social Media Marketing

a) Social Media Marketing (Instagram)
● Setting Up Instagram Account
● How to Use Instagram as a Business Marketing Tool

b) Social Media Marketing (YouTube)
● Setting Up YouTube Channel
● How to use YouTube Marketing to Generate Leads
● Understanding YouTube SEO
● Ranking Your First Video on YouTube
● Using Software to Create Professional Videos to rank on Google

c) Social Media Marketing (LinkedIn)
● Setting Up LinkedIn Profile
● How to Optimise Your Linkedin for Business Use
● Understanding Types of Linkedin Ads
● Setting Linkedin Ads Campaign

Lesson 2: Setting Up Your Website
  • What is WordPress (Online Video)
  • Setting up Domain and Hosting (Online Video)
  • Setting up Your First WordPress Site (practical)
  • Customizing the Basic Layout
  • Setting up Theme on WordPress
  • Setting up Contact Form
  • Posting Your First Article on Your Website
  • Rank & Rent Model
Lesson 4: Content Creation - Image & Copywriting
  • Creating the Content For Your Target Persona (practical)
  • Image Creation Tools
  • Copywriting Techniques
  • Building Your Personal Library of Posting Samples
  • Creating Your Business Promotion Video (practical)
  • Creating a Content Schedule and Sticking to It
Lesson 6: Understanding Paid Ads - Facebook Ads
  • Understanding Facebook Objectives
  • Managing Your Advertising Budget
  • Setting up and Optimizing a FB Campaign (practical)
  • Identify and Target Correct Audience
  • Facebook Ad Guidelines and Policies
  • The Psychology of Facebook Ads
  • Creative Best Practices: Copy, Image, & Video
  • Building Your Sales Funnel
  • Facebook Messenger Bots
  • Optimizing a FB Campaign Checklist
  • Walkthrough Of Differences Between Ads Manager & Business Manager
Lesson 7b: Setting up Google Display Campaign
  • Plan and Create a Display Network Campaign
  • Target by Audience, Topic, and Demographics
  • Identifying Websites That Has Your Ideal Audience
  • Best Ad Sizes To Use For Display Ads
  • Responsive Display Ads
  • Analyzing and Reporting Campaign Performance
  • Learn the Important Metrics For Different Advertising Goals
  • Finding Out Where Your Ads Appeared Online
Online Video Series - Email Marketing

● Understanding the Importance of Email Marketing
● How to Craft Email for Higher Inbox
● How to Increase Open Rate of Email
● How to Set up an Email Campaign on Autopilot

The training is conducted remotely and online via Google Meet and Google Classroom. All materials and certificates will be given as soft-copy


Malaysian 18-50 Years Old
Retrenched in past 3-6 months
VSS or MSS Employees

Course Structure

4 Days Lecture Class
2 Group Tutorial Sessions
2 months access to e-learning

Intake & Schedule

New intakes monthly
Weekday class
Full day class from 10am to 6pm

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